Project Management for Interior Designers

We need better ways to manage projects, task segregation, project progress , site updates, invoices more accessible every where and more searchable every time. 
All this information at the tip of your fingers so you know how well the project is progressing internally and to the customer.

More Accessible Project Information

We aim to help better management of projects through an online system where everyone can collaborate.


Running between sites and office is not fun when the timeliness is tight. Making sure the progress is satisfactory and Having patients' medical records accessible even from mobile  can help make treatment plans more accurate and recovery faster. Medical chains can benefit tremendously from information flowing through.


Manage your progress, manage your billables and invoices according to your progress. An overview of everything will keep you on track, that why you would need to know the site progress, even from the office.


While some of us may shy away from financial matters,  it remains a very important element of your clinic or practice. The system we build helps you create invoices on-the-go and assign it to your team for payment follow-ups.


Whether you are stand alone clinic or a network of clinics we We build integrated systems with sales, delivery and purchases so your operations  can run efficiently just like how you envisioned it to be.


Create walk-in cards on the fly and start seeing patients quickly


Get through all the invoices by project at a glance and discuss the cashflow and billables, by progress


A great way to keep the workforce together and motivated towards a shared profits, keeping the costs low when profits and expenses counts.


It's getting ever more important to record your vaccine calendars and test records 


Work together on the same page and have weekly updates to run through everything that's important, keep projects moving.


When information is is accurate and up-to-date making treatment decisions becomes easier.

One view to rule them all

Having one view for the entire team has become mandatory for many clinics or center. Stay relevant stay up-to-date with business systems.

How can we move forward?

Managing projects in interior design isn't just about making revenue. It's about preparing the practice for the next stage of growth, to record, organize and operate systematically towards a direction and give better designs, plans for customers. Our single focus is helping you achieve what's most important for your Interior Design Firm.
Always up-to-date
One single view
Track Payments and Invoices
No installations, operate from phone 

You already know what you want, let us build the system for you

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Ready for Action?

We believe every company is unique with different processes, even within the same industry. We work with our clients to make sure the process fits the company instead of the other way around. 

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