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Speed. Sounds like you can only hear it in NASCAR, boxing or any kind of competition. Well, in the world of World Wide Web, it also matters. Speed matters in any competition. Business is also a competition. A business needs a website. The faster your website is, the more you are ranked by Google in page 1. That means, improved traffic, and more profits.

Website page speed is very crucial. Because this is the very first thing your website visitor encounters when he/she visits your site. If your site opens for a millisecond, the visitor immediately views the whole page. But if the site takes too long for the browser to render the entire page, say 3 to 4 or more seconds, visitors tend to go back to where they came from before they arrived at your site. They quit because of waiting too long. That is never good for your business.

According to Google, an average website page speed for mobile is 22 seconds. But Google also said that 53% of mobile users leave the page if the page loads more than 3 seconds. For desktops or PC's, it is still the same story. Although a web page viewed in desktops wouldn’t take 22 seconds to view on average, because desktop is not as laborious as mobile devices when it comes to processing. Desktop renders pages mostly through Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, same case as Mozilla Firefox or other popular web browsers. For mobile devices you need to install an app to be able to view websites, so it carries more weight. Desktop browsers are direct that’s why they’re faster.

Therefore, the speed of your website should not be longer than 2 seconds, the faster the better.

This is the time when the Web Developer comes in. They’re the ones who will optimize your website for fast loading. Contact us now if you are having problems with your website page speed.

A web site tends to be slow because of the design. Probably there are too many flash images or animation on your home page. Database problem is also another cause. The common cause, in which the design has nothing to do with it, is a network issue, a problem with your Internet service provider.

Imagine a viewer has a network problem plus your site has slow speed, compared to the one which is faster. So it means a much faster site can solve whatever network problem a visitor has. A best website page speed is less than a s second. And that can be done through modifying your CMS (Content management System such as WordPress) or programming language.

Fret not, because we at UpStore will make your site load faster than you can think of. Our team of Web Developers will do the hard work for you to have more profits.

Website page speed is one of our expertise. We make sure our clients are all satisfied when they let us fix their site. All the website we designed for our past clients are all fast. Check out the list of websites in our portfolio page here. Or you can also check our customer testimonials here.

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