Comparing Upstore Business Software Vs Other ERP System

Generally, business software solutions are not just meant only for large-scale businesses rather the solutions are also designed to accommodate the need of SMEs. However, in this article, we want to conduct basic comparisons between the Odoo ERP system with Upstore all-in-one business solution.

Let’s briefly compare the similarities before moving over to individual differences. From there, we can understand how these two software solutions are unique in their own ways.

Similarities Between Upstore and Odoo ERP System

Structurally, Odoo and Upstore use a similar framework which encourages the integration of different business management modules into a single system. Both also are cloud-based infrastructure.

In terms of purpose, they are designed to provide business management solutions that link sales, operations, and finances to other basic aspects of resource planning. Hence, managing a business’s resources in a way that will generate optimum profit.

Both systems provide a versatile and flexible model which makes collaboration and traceability to be easier in an organization

Upstore all-in-one business software is perfectly user-friendly just as Odoo ERP system. Of course, they both seek to remove complexities in business processes.

Furthermore, the Odoo ERP system supports the automation of business processes just like Upstore's all-in-one business software. Hence, encouraging productivity and efficiency in business.

Interestingly, they are fully customizable!

Differences Between Odoo ERP system and Upstore Business Software

The major difference between these two software systems is that Upstore is a browser/web-based application that works with a computer or mobile browser. So, you do not need any sophisticated software installation to use it

In as much that Upstore involves resource planning as a basic aspect of business management, it also focuses on CRM in its entirety.

Furthermore, unlike most ERP systems, upstore is seen as an all-around business software application that contains almost all the functions needed in business management. Thereby, canceling the need for integration to an external system. This attribute saves users the cost of purchasing management tools individually.

Partnering with Upstore as a SaaS Company

Upstore is a B2B software solution company that provides amazing business application services to multiple businesses, offering solutions that create tendencies for high business growth and the ability to effectively manage businesses remotely.

Our all-in-one Business Management Software was specially designed to grant businesses the privilege of integrating various aspects of their organization into a centralized system thus making real-time monitoring easier.

Having well-integrated solutions which seek to solve issues related to sales, operations, CRM, eCommerce, websites, finances, and other areas of business makes Upstore to be seen as one of the fast-growing SaaS companies in Malaysia. Currently, patient management systems have also been added to its module, making it easy for health institutions to fully manage patients’ records for proper medical history analysis.

Finally, partnering with a SaaS company like upstore comes with amazing benefits like access to more business insight, cost-saving benefits, simplification of business processes, improvement in business sales, customer base growth, automation of repetitive tasks, and many more.

Ready for Action?

We believe every company is unique with different processes, even within the same industry. We work with our clients to make sure the process fits the company instead of the other way around. 

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