How to Edit your Website ? Wordpress

What You Need?

Username and Password for Editor of your company website

Steps to Follow:

  1. Open Google Chrome and key in your company Domain Name, followed by "wp-admin". Example:
  2. Key in your Username and Password
  3. Click on the top Left corner to go back to your website, then go to the page you would like to change>
  4. Click on "Edit Page" on the Top bar of the menu
  6. To Edit the text, Click on the browse , Upload the image if needed. Take note that we recommend images below 1,000 pixels (<1,000px) wide to load faster on mobile phones.
  7. To Change the image, Click on the Element , then Edit the Content

Ready for Action?

We believe every company is unique with different processes, even within the same industry. We work with our clients to make sure the process fits the company instead of the other way around. 

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