7 unique features of Upstore All-in-one Business Management Software

Generally, an all-in-one business management software can be defined as a versatile software tool that can solve not just one but multiple business issues within an organization. Introducing this kind of software solution benefits the business in diverse areas. And of course, saves time and money in the business.

At Up-store, we designed our all-in-one web/browser-based software to serve as a one-stop solution to all business management needs, which includes sale management, operations, and finance management. Our main focus is to enhance business productivity and efficiency.

Now, let’s look at the top 7 unique features to enjoy from our all-in-one business software.

  1. Sales Management

Automation in marketing is becoming a common trend in business these days. Using this special feature, conduct an assessment of your business sales and conversion. Track your sales, automate your sales funnel & marketing, and conduct revenue assessment to ascertain your current progress. Based on your findings, you can devise how to improve your future business sales.

  • Project & Task Management

This is an ideal feature where you can professionally manage your project workflows and task assigning. More importantly, it also helps you track your progress and ensure you are in line with your customer's initial request. Under this feature, expect to see a tasks list, timers, project timesheet, taking notes, team discussion window, etc. This feature is generally targeted at enhancing your team's project execution and then successful project delivery.

  • Human Resource

We designed these features to help ease the work of your HR department. It can take care of payroll management, attendance, vacation/leave, etc. Adopting our all-in-one business software can help you handle your typical day-to-day HR tasks within your organization. By having an automated system that works, taking care of your employee would be easier

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

These amazing features help you be in constant communication with your clients via live chats, taking note of their peculiar needs. Based on the data provided, you can propose the right product or services that will perfectly suit their needs. You can also manage your customers' information in this section.

  • Inventory and Warehouse

Managing inventory and warehouse is very essential for a business to fully stay organized. Our all-in-one business software offers an inventory & warehouse management system that manages stocks available, inventory, and fulfillment of orders.

  • Accounts & Audit Reports

The sole purpose of establishing a business is to make profits. And one of the ways of monitoring this is via cash flows. This feature in our all-in-one business software can take care of ensuring proper bookkeeping and account statement balancing. Working with this feature reduces the tendency of human errors and encourages more efficient in determining the current state of the business.

  • Invoice and Reminder

This feature is an invoicing automation feature that assists you to take care of processing and management of invoices from vendors or supplies, noting down the dates and records. In addition, it also can serve as a reminder assistant in case your business gets so busy that they forget about remitting their invoice from the third-party


At upstore, we are fully focused on providing sophisticated and effective business management software solutions targeted at enhancing business productivity. Adopting our All-in-one business management comes with various benefits. You don’t need any special installation; all you need is your computer browser.

We also offer proper customization services; in case you want a special custom configuration. Automation in business is now seen as the future of business. Regardless of your business, we at upstore can help you transition into this new process.

Ready for Action?

We believe every company is unique with different processes, even within the same industry. We work with our clients to make sure the process fits the company instead of the other way around. 

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